Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I have just woken up..

Hey guys,

I have just woken up around 6:00am, 2 hours before I have to get up and listen to the same alarm go off .. to the same routine of getting up and putting on my standard work clothes and getting into the same car as I do every morning and it has just struck me that this world has gone absolutely insane and there are some insane issues that are happening through the world that people are just accepting and considering the "norm".

I am an average male who lives in a large capital city in the western world, there are many issues that I myself have thought over that occur through this world, hence I feel like I need to share them with the rest of the world and hopefully make other people realize we live in an insane world with insane things occuring.

I know I have used the term "insane" multiple times yet this is the only way I can describe these things that occur that people accept as the "norm" and simply accept as "that's just life".

I will go through some of these things and also stick with major current events that has occurred and I will drop hints here and there on where I am actually from, if I am lucky I will be able to post all my thoughts once every 1 - 3 days. I hope I at-least get through to a handful of people who can at-least think of some of the things that are mentioned through this blog and how crazy somethings have gotten.

I can surely promise that if you stick by and read through this site daily that I will open your eyes that could be likened to anything you have ever read before.

Oh and I will mainly try and use Audio-Video type of posts so most of you guys don't need to read through my ramblings :)

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