Saturday, 29 October 2011

RE: Money

I have gotten a fair few e-mails about my last post .. just remember ..

You come into this world with nothing ... and you leave with nothing.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Obsessed with Money

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Why is everyone in this world so obsessed with money ? is it really that important... like my previous post .. just imagine you were an outsider in this world and how crazy everyone is about money.

People even go as far to sell their bodies and souls just for some plastic and numbers on a screen ... in reality we are the only people that put value on money.

If you look at the general life progression of the average person, if looking at the situation from outside the square .. lets look at the progression

We are born and then we get into school and waste away hours and hours into studying to get into a good university and a good course

After school we will probably get into the college or university and course we want to get into, from there we waste away tens of thousands of dollars and also put countless amounts of time and effort into completing a course.

After this we will apply for internships and graduate jobs, from there we will start working as a junior on work our way to senior or management positions.

From there we will work from 8am - 9am until 5pm - 6pm usually and for higher end jobs such as law or medicine we will work even longer hours. Can everyone see how crazy this idea is and how everyone is just putting themselves in a prison and willingly doing so ? .. We do all of this until are basically dead (minus the couple of years of retirement - that's if we are lucky enough and cancer or a life threatening disease doesn't get us first)

The whole idea of money is pretty absurd if you think about it, right ? .. everyday you go out and use your money.. you are just putting more value on something that in reality has no value and would not mean anything if you were stuck on a deserted island or if you have been diagnosed with an irreversible sickness... As abstract the thought is, just imagine the world without money.

Friday, 14 October 2011

If you want to listen to this blog ..

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What is going on in the world today, before I start listing some issues, just imagine being an outsider from another world who has no idea about anything and then they are looking into the world we live in. 

Whether it was from the simple leaves on this world or even talking a language, if you were looking into the world. you would think what the hell is going on here   there is rape, murder, corruption, deceit, and on top of that there are people who just do crazy things these days that it makes me wonder what the world is coming to.

I will start from this crazy issue that everyone is so obsessed with around the world, fame , so many people around the world are so obsessed with this problem,  people are so worried and obsessed about looks, there are people that starve themselves and go near kill themselves just for looks and a physique.

If I ask you the question of what do you think of a guy who would beat up his girlfriend?

Maybe a little something like this, yes he would not be very popular with many people, yet if a famous person beats up their girlfriend they still get adored in the media and their fans.

Maybe even more popular and loved than the man who created the telephone and the hearing aid to help disabled people, that’s right Chris Brown is more popular than Alexander Graham Bell, more people would rather have someone who has beaten up their girlfriend,  sings songs for a living and is 22, the people have him on their like page on facebook than the man who created the Telephone which has led to the phones these days with apps and HD screens and has helped elevate the rest of mankind further.

Not only Chris Brown,  yet a lot of other famous people  have basically committed many wrongs and crimes yet rarely see any public condemning, yet if I myself had gone and beaten up my partner, I would be hung to dry.

Imagine you saw what was happening from an aliens point of view out of this world, would you not think this is a very messed up world and something has terribly gone wrong her.

What do you guys think about this ?

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I have just woken up..

Hey guys,

I have just woken up around 6:00am, 2 hours before I have to get up and listen to the same alarm go off .. to the same routine of getting up and putting on my standard work clothes and getting into the same car as I do every morning and it has just struck me that this world has gone absolutely insane and there are some insane issues that are happening through the world that people are just accepting and considering the "norm".

I am an average male who lives in a large capital city in the western world, there are many issues that I myself have thought over that occur through this world, hence I feel like I need to share them with the rest of the world and hopefully make other people realize we live in an insane world with insane things occuring.

I know I have used the term "insane" multiple times yet this is the only way I can describe these things that occur that people accept as the "norm" and simply accept as "that's just life".

I will go through some of these things and also stick with major current events that has occurred and I will drop hints here and there on where I am actually from, if I am lucky I will be able to post all my thoughts once every 1 - 3 days. I hope I at-least get through to a handful of people who can at-least think of some of the things that are mentioned through this blog and how crazy somethings have gotten.

I can surely promise that if you stick by and read through this site daily that I will open your eyes that could be likened to anything you have ever read before.

Oh and I will mainly try and use Audio-Video type of posts so most of you guys don't need to read through my ramblings :)